Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways

May 28, 2014
Prof. Chin-Hui Lee & Prof. Richard Stern
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Research & Development

R&D topic Lines

Acoustic processing

Acoustic event detection and classification
Speaker Clustering and Diarization
Speaker Verification and Identification
Language Identification
Speech Pathologies Detection and Identification
R&D topic Lines
Speech technolgies for natural user interaction Robust Speech Processing and Modeling
Automatic Speech Recognition
Text-to-Speech Conversion
Spoken Dialogue Systems
R&D topic Lines
Technologies for multimedia indexation and transcription Audiovisual Document Segmentation and Classification
Audiovisual Recognition of Persons and Events
Audiovisual Content Indexing and Retrieval
R&D topic Lines
Speech Technologies Applications Subtitling
Biometric Security Systems
Audiovisual Archives Documentation
Speech Technologies for e-inclusion

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